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My approach to negotiation works.
But don't take my word for it…


For over ten years, I have worked with a wide range of clients across the globe. And whether they are leading brands or start-up businesses, they have one thing in common; one thing they can agree upon – my unique approach to negotiation training provides real, tangible results. Of course, I would say that. But what do my clients have to say? Here is a selection of their comments…


  • Petr Malkin, Scientific Affairs Manager, Colgate-Palmolive, Russian Federation

    "Tremendous. And absolutely game changing. Call me and I will be happy to tell you more... +1(201)240-35-92"

  • Robert Grozdanovski, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks Czech

    "Constantly providing fresh perspectives, Pavel always moves our team forward, enriching their knowledge."

  • Blanka Voříšková, Learning & Development Specialist, Radio Free Europe

    "Simply put: we’re impressed. And we definitely want to extend our cooperation in the future."

  • Filip Rulc, Managing Partner, Sidus Efekt, Czech Republic

    “Pavel provided perfect cooperation and added a high level of value. Thank you.”

  • Michaela Kubýová, Head of Internal Audit, Raiffeisenbank, Czech Republic

    “I highly recommend Pavel's training."

  • Piet A. A. Dury, Managing Director, Astellas Pharma s.r.o.

    "What Pavel showed us, at each step, was a remarkable level of professionalism – he knew where we needed to go and helped us to get there."

  • Matej Lejsal, Managing Director, Sue Ryder Czech Republic

    “It might sound strange, but since the negotiation workshop with Pavel, I now enjoy preparing for negotiations. I also enjoy the negotiation itself a lot more too. Even my colleagues have noticed a difference."

  • Juraj Vrabko, HR Strategy Director, CBRE Czech Republic

    "The results of Pavel’s challenging approach are very visible in daily practice, where we clearly see that his training leads to the desired changes in people’s behaviours."

  • Alena Huberová, Chairwoman of the Public Speakers and Trainers Club in Prague

    "I was utterly impressed – not only by Pavel’s professionalism and the invaluable insights he offered, but also by his warm, kind and cheerful personality. Truly inspirational!”

  • Pavel Agaev, CEO, Gortek Star, Russian Federation

    "Right from the very beginning, when Pavel first joined the project, we achieved specific, measurable results, increasing sales and profits."

  • Yveta Zajícová, Helpdesk Manager, Stora Enso, Czech Republic

    "Pavel is a great guy. You work hard and you learn."

  • Martin Šebek, CEO, Pro-Evolution, Czech Republic

    "Pavel is the perfect motivator. He prepares all situations so that you look for a solution, focusing on what to do and why."

  • Jiří Vystrčil, Managing Director, TRW-DAS a.s., Czech Republic

    “Throughout 2014, Pavel has run a set of workshops and sessions with my management team. Pavel’s highly effective approach to helping us reach our target of defining a new mission statement was one of added value.

  • Emil Jimenez, CEO/COO, Passion Communications, Czech Republic - US

    "Our return on investment was felt immediately – Pavel´s training sessions delivered direct results, fast, enabling us to use what we learned to negotiate a number of deals with various clients. The long-term return will definitely exceed the amount we invested 100 times over."

  • Marek Rýznar, Entrepreneur, Czech Republic

    "Pavel is not a theorist; his added value is always measurable. You can rely on Pavel when aiming for goals that seemed beyond your reach before."