I’m Pavel Novak.

I help you and your people master the art of negotiation with truly unique negotiation training and coaching. I’m here to make your negotiation experiences more fun. More rewarding. And, above all, more effective.

Quality. Pragmatism. Style.

Quality. Pragmatism. Style.

My approach is one of quality, pragmatism and style. It’s an approach that truly makes a difference. That moves beyond theory alone. Training that helps you take the very latest negotiation ideas and apply them in the real world.

Experience the ‘eureka’ moments …

Experience the ‘eureka’ moments …

I aim to inspire you. To help you improve your skills in the long term. To give you those all-important ‘eureka’ moments and a fresh new perspective on your work. So you can approach negotiation with renewed confidence. With renewed energy. So you can negotiate like a master and achieve remarkable results.

How can I help you?

Pavel Novak - Negotiation Expert. Consultant. Mediator.

Individual solutions

One to One Individual Consultation, Training, Airport Consultation and Candidate Assessment.

Pavel Novak - Consultant. Mediator. Negotiation Trainer.

Team Solutions

Team Consultation, Team Training, and Team Assessment.

Experienced Negotiation Trainer. Consultant. Certified Business Model You Practitioner.

Large Group Solutions

Negotiation Academy, Negotiation Excellence Project, Company Negotiation Audit.

About Me & FAQs

I help you master the art of negotiation.

I am a trainer, consultant, mentor and mediator with fluent English and 18 years of international training and consulting experience. I provide vital negotiation skills training and coaching for individuals and companies across Europe, most often the EMEA region. I am a Certified Business Model You Practitioner, local partner of Culture Active and a part of Oxford Business Alumni Network.

My mission is to help business professionals negotiate like pros; smarter and more effectively. I help them recognize and maximize their potential through better preparation and better negotiating skills.

What added value will my services offer you?

Simply said: better deals, more satisfaction, higher conversion rates, more loyal customers, happier business partnerships, increased profits, shorter negotiation times, and clearer agreements. 

How do I differ from other training providers?

To quote George Bernard Shaw: “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance”. I provide training that moves beyond typical negotiation skills. It dispels common negotiation myths you might have come to believe, such as ‘negotiation is a soft skill’, ‘the ability to keep a poker face is the key’ and ‘win win approach is the best way to negotiate’. I’ll help you learn the terrain well and choose a strategy that delivers.

What impact do my services have for you?

I provide individual and team consultations and training courses that will help you in following areas: understand how to prepare for negotiations, exhibit more effective behavior during all phases of negotiation, develop the ability to work with your emotions more effectively and solve difficult or stalled negotiations. To create happier business partnerships.


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What do my clients say?

I work with a wide range of businesses, from individuals and SMEs to blue-chip clients, helping transform their approach to negotiating.

My Blog

Tips on getting better at negotiation. by Pavel Novák. Negotiation Trainer. Consultant. Mediator.

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I have gained outstanding information and experience from many exceptional projects and training led by experienced negotiation practitioners.

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People in the training field often get hung up by the belief that it is the instructor’s presentation that determines the quality of learning. So we rely on Power Point presentation as the centerpiece of our training programs. But Power Point, overused, is nothing more than electronic chloroform. It knocks people out.
My job as training professional is to wake you up. Yes, wake you up - to your full potential for learning, for job success, and for a life that embraces the full mind, body, and spirit. It is simple, really: it is only what the learner creates that is learned.